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Last Letter Before He Returns: Bingo Bolger Baggins

My Dearest Iorhael,

I am doing my best not to worry about the strange status of your journal, a'maelamin, but I shall not breath easily until you are in my arms again. I hope you are keeping company with the friendly muses of your Realm and avoiding any entanglements with Chaos' foul plots. How wonderful it was to see you, if only for a moment--still, it is a moment I treasure.

For the most part I have been keeping quiet company with Elanor, Gilgalad, and little Merin and Lily at Undertowers. On the larger political front I have been barely involved except to offer aid and friendship to Erendis of Ithilien when they were threatened by Gondor. This was following Gondor's attempt to levy troops from the Shire for Eru-knows what purpose, and I'd have to say I was quite impressed with Samwise's refusal, which has renewed my satisfaction with my choice to return to the Shire.

As far as doings in the Shire go, Primrose Gamgee has been trying to assemble a Gamgee geneology, Asphodel Brandybuck and Peony Baggins have been to visit us, Tolman Gamgee, Drogo Baggins, and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins unsuccessfully made a bid for the presidency of Ithilien, which went to Elfwine, Celly Brandybuck has gone on a trip to Gondor to visit Jade, and Elanor has been about her Maia business, when not fussing over the baby. Erchi said he would be visiting, but there's always something untoward going on in Dol Amroth, so who knows what could be the delay.

Otherwise, I've been spending as much time enjoying visiting muns as our own people--I'm not sure what that says about me. In any event, I shall say my goodbyes to Elanor and G-g today and take the monorail back to Hobbiton and our very own Pantry Smial, where I shall eagerly await your return. I shall be carrying the lovely roses you sent back with me, as well as the cup with its delightful red filling, and a piece of the cake I saved for your returning.

Very soon you shall feel my heart keeping rhythm with your own within our glad embrace as I tell you how very much I love you and remain
As always,
Your very own,

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