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So, what is it they say about holidays . . .?

Much has happened between leaving the Pantry Smial and arriving in Undertowers, I suppose. If I recall correctly, I celebrated journal anniversaries with Daisy Gamgee and my dear Elanor, as well as her anniversary with Gil-galad, and a very sweet mun's birthday. I also had a nice chat with Eomer, and then Iorhael and I chatted about that. Then Arathorn invited us to a party in Plastic Town where my beloved and I had a lovely time.

So, we finally set on our way to Undertowers, got on the monorail, and proceeded to have quite a serious talk about the state of our relationship. Having sorted through that a bit we proceeded on to talk of lighter things. A'maelamin was quite startled by the troll who was driving the monorail, I'm afraid, but he recovered and we chatted about our experience of shared memories until it was time to get off at Michel Delving.

Once there, Iorhael met an elf from his Realm who brought him some sorry news. Once he recovered a little we set out from the station and ran into my Great Gramma, Grandmum, and her friend Halfast Gamgee. We chatted a bit, then Iorhael and I continued on to the Scampering Scallion where we had a delicious second breakfast. We then went shopping for gifts, but a'maelamin had little luck finding what he was after, so he sent his Samwise to bring him some heirlooms from the Realm. While we waited, I read something my mun wrote down about me and Iorhael and I chatted.

Finally, we got back on the monorail and arrived in Undertowers, and settled in our room, hardly even getting a chance to say hello to Elanor and G-g, as Iorhael is starting to feel poorly. And it's Elanor's birthday, so still an appropriate time to give her these long-lasting orchids, finally. I hope I get to wish her a happy birthday.

But it's also been Ring Day. A big holiday, it is. The day on which the Ring was destroyed. That Ring anyway. Iorhael is wearing our ring today. And I still have this other ring in my pocket. It feels heavy too, though it never has before. And my beloved is not well, the ring weighs on him so. Some holiday.

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