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Tuckborough Bound: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Uncle Sennie and I are heading down to Great Smials today before Gramma Addy thinks I've forgotten about her. I wonder if Tiger is still staying there, as well? Meanwhile, Halfast will be heading out to Hobbiton to help Grandmum with her latest project, whatever that is seeing I don't read my own links. Hope they don't run afoul of Lobelia with her latest machinations.

I'm glad Elanorelle let me help her out a little this weekend, as I wouldn't have made it through the past month so well without her hospitality and friendship. And I'm especially grateful I got a chance to spend some time with Ana in light of recent events. It's been a joy that Uncle Sennie could visit, and what a lovely picnic we all had yesterday! Quite a pleasant surprise to have Saurie drop by. And I'm glad I've had the chance to visit with cousin Angelica as well.

So anyway, Halfast and I went down to the market today and bought up all their fresh flowers and have covered Elanorelle's and Gil-galad's sitting room with them. And now, I suppose, it's time we were off, as soon as I've said goodbye to Elanorelle and Gg and rounded up Halfast and Uncle Sennie, that is.

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