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ONE YEAR: Ring around the Ringbearer Reject:Bingo Bolger-Baggins

So, I've come full circle. A year ago today I was striding up this path . . . walking into the shed . . . and opening the door to the Pantry Smial . . . like so. And here I am.

It's alright. There are some of a'maelamin's things, but it's alright. It's . . . comforting to see them . . . now. It's going to be alright I'll save the italics for another post.

And to think that a year ago, the very next day, Hamilcar would visit . . . little did I know then what a strange little affair we'd have. And then a wonderful visit from my psychotic mother . . . alright, I admit it was pretty damn frightening: but still, she was here, and that counts for something, right? And then Frodo and Samwise harassed me even before I went to visit them, along with that fucker Sancho-lad, and brave Trotter. And then poor, dear stick-up-the-butt Anaire, and sweet sweet, little Bingo-clone. All that very first week, and I hardly got a chance to leave the smial.

So if I open the door in the cupboard . . . and how nice; Grandmum put in a nice door and lock so I can have privacy when I want it. So, if I open this door that leads to the Backside Smial . . . OH MY! Look at that! And there you ALL are . . .

. . . shall we party then?

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