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A Completely Satisfied Hobbit: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I am indeed a completely satisfied hobbit; there's just no other way of putting it. And it's not because I just had my evening snack either. My Iorhael, whom I thought was gone for good for the last couple of months, is back again, and though he can not always be here, I can count on his regular return now. And the Ring, well, it's not really an issue now. I can feel it because part of him is in it, but as long as it is not in his keeping, there seems to be no burden between us. And as far as his adjusting to the bustling smial our little Pantry Smial is now part of, things could not be better--he took far faster to the new smial mates than he expected, but I just knew he would. How could he not with this collection of good spirits? Home with my beloved, my family, my friends, and my books, pocket PC pen, paper. Blessings beyond count. This is what I came back to the Shire to find. I suppose I just did not know it when I first set out.

And I must tell you that Uncle Isengar arranged the most delightful night out for us all at the Green Dragon last week. Iorhael told a sweet little story, and though it touched a dis-chord with me, a'maelamin's greater sweetness proved the tonic. I had fun monopolizing everyone's attention with the story of my little misfortune in Khand, which only proves that a trying time can be turned all to the good in the telling, especially if accompanied by some good home brew. But I would have to say that Iorhael's next tale would have had me lost in trembles of fright and worry if it were not so riveting in the telling. Our own songbird, Uncle Sennie, sang to us a couple of lovely tunes. And Melba had a tale to tell, but never quite got to it, I suppose. And Tiger and Folco proved the merry company they always are.

And still after all this, my Iorhael still had another wondrous story to tell, a historical fiction that was most romantic; he told it even in our bed as sleep was coming to claim me. Then he fretted so sweetly over our bond, until our talk set us at ease. And after seeing off Uncle Sennie on his date, last night proved a lovely one for me as well, as a'maelamin returned to my arms once again. And when one has so much good fortune, one must find ways to share it, which is what I'm pondering now. Perhaps I'll go to the town meeting Lobelia is calling. It's time I started doing more for my local community again. But I'm not sure in what way yet.

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