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Lazy Back End Summer: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Though we have been a bit inundated with summer storms, I cannot say I mind it at all, as staying inside the Pantry Smial is easily the most cozy place to be now that my beloved has returned. Our talk the other night reminds me what little time we have had in the months we have been together to really sit down and learn each other's history; I cannot imagine ever tiring in the study of the story of my Iorhael.

It's been a bit more quiet in Back End since Tiger went away on his tour, and our flet dwelling next door neighbors left for a trip to Plastic Town. I do have half a mind to climb up to their flet with Iorhael and make use of their hot tub--a bit of mischief--but I suppose they wouldn't mind. I wonder if a'maelamin's feeling adventurous?

Uncle Sennie's been busy with his study of poetry and shared with me an interesting poem he penned. I hope he feels free to share with me poems he has read as well, when they strike his fancy, as I am rather fond of sharing poems I have read myself. He seems a bit unsure about his current love interest, but I hope things will work out for the best. Cousin Folly's been busy setting up his brewery, Melby's been up to her lovely wood work, and Halfast is still away on some project. I get the feeling it has something to do with the recycling idea I was talking with Grandmum about and brought up at the Town Council meeting, but she seems too busy to chat about it lately.

Little Ruby Gamgee paid us a visit recently. She's one of the most resourceful and imaginative hobbitlings I have known. I only hope she knows that there will always be an adult about Back End if ever she needs some refuge to just be a child. After all, she's my dear friend Elanorelle's little sister and Samwise's daughter, if she weren't a charming child in herself.

The state of affairs in Arda has been a bit contentious of late. I think the Rohirrim have given up their annexation of Gondor and returned home, but I'm uncertain about the state of affairs in Imladris and who lays claim to it presently, but since that question is secondary to the one of who lays claim to the remote and Dorrito bag, I suppose it is not of much importance. I wonder how Elanorelle is enjoying Valinor, and if Merin is progressing with his studies, and if Lai's tour is going well. And if Lobelia's staff managed to get Fatty Bolger off the streets yet? I tripped over him the other day, but he was stoned and out cold contently sleeping, so we did not get to chat, alas.

Hmm, as it seems to have stopped raining for the moment, it might be nice to venture forth.

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