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To Welcome a Guest: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

You know, I just keep thinking about what it must be like to be far away from home and all alone. I've been there myself. Of course, he has done ill, and yes, he must labour to earn back a trust his own actions cast away long ago. Still, life is oft perilous and unsure for all of us at one time or another, and who has not erred out of fear or want at some point? And how does one find a way back if not by the open hand offering a chance?

And my sweet Iorhael is giving him that chance.

And as for myself, I suppose I shall fix him some brunch.

So let's see . . . what do we have in the fridge that Smeagol might like? It can't be cooked . . . Ah, I don't suppose Uncle Sennie would mind if I use some of this . . . and set it out nicely . . . I suppose Smeagol might not have the aesthetic sensibilities to appreciate the arrangement . . . there . . . but perhaps he'll appreciate the time that went into it and feel more cared for. And the more he feels cared for . . . there, that looks nice . . . the more capacity he may develop to care for others himself.

I'll just take this platter down to Bywater Pond . . . here we go . . . my! That is quite a ship, isn't it?

Hello, Smeagol! Are you there?

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