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Weighty Matters: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

And so the day has come. As soon as it is light we will get ready to proceed to Mt. Doom and destroy the Ring Iorhael made. But, now that I am holding the Ring again, I discovered an interesting thing about it while a'maelamin was in the washroom. Now, I didn't feel its pull since it came to him again like I used to, before he last left, and I don't feel it either while I'm carrying it. But the funny thing is, when I take the other ring--the one I have been carrying since September--when I take it and put it aside, it . . . pulls me. It demands that I take it back and carry it. And at the same time, I can feel the weight of the Ring of Power settled in my pocket now, when that ring isn't beside it. When I put that ring back in my pocket, the pull of the one and the weight of the Other cease. And I know what this ring wants, this ring that is so ordinary, that I merely purchased. It wants me to carry it, until it can be placed where it rightfully belongs. And I cannot say I do not agree with it more. My heart bids it so.

In the morning, we shall go.

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