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The Power of Bingoism; or The Private Life of Bingo Bolger-Baggins

. . . but now that I think of it, can you imagine what a world would be like if I could nudge it in the right direction? A world where everyone . . . told everyone what they were thinking before acting and expressed what was troubling them? And showed concern for whatever was bothering them instead of letting things fester the way people do? A world of pleasant conversation is what it would be! And everyone would feast and sit down at the dinner table together daily and just talk and . . . and really appreciate what that meant! And fine conversation would be prized--absolutely prized!! And so would the converser! Why, people would think there's nothing that could excel the gift of conversation! Why, we'd be respected, we hobbits! Not just respected but . . . idealized even! Everyone would wish they could be so small and . . . and so unassuming . . . and content with the domestic pleasures of life! No more warrior fantasies of power--out with all that!!

To be small and clever and cute would be the ideal to which everyone would aspire and I'd be the exemplary model who would be showered with accolades . . . and . .I have come, but I will not eat green eggs and S . . . no, that's not right . . .. . . and . . . I suppose some couldn't be. Small and cute, that is.

*bites his lip*

And there has to be room for everyone, now, mustn't there? I suppose one ideal would leave those who couldn't match up feeling inferior . . . scorned even . . . even mistreated. Because that's what people do when they uphold a singular ideal to model their lives upon, isn't it?

*looks down at his hand clenched around the Ring*

And that's the way of Rings of Power, isn't it? To enforce one way of being upon all.

*looks up at Iorhael*

Even between such an agreeably matched couple as we are. Those little points of difference are as important as what seems so similar between us. And the Ring would brook none of them, would it?


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