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The Time Out Room: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Well, while I have the Evil Child of Doom in my keeping, I suppose I can try to take care of him properly. A little time-out never hurt anyone, I suppose, though I'm sure he's used to nothing but absolute freedom, which is rather dangerous for all us mortals, considering he hasn't and won't be taught to care about anyone else's rights or well-being.

So for now, he will have to settle for a plush sparkly room to sit in. Let's see if I can rift in some shiny toys to occupy him . . . like so. Hmmm, that's draining work . .. rifting that is.

Now to rift in milk, in a sparkly glass to make it more appealing to him, some peanut butter and miruvor jelly sandwiches, and some chocolate chip cookies I just baked for him . . . there.

I've talked to him a little through the walls of the pocket to try to reassure him. And I'm reading him bedtime stories as well . . . I bet no one's done that for him before. I hope he likes this one.

All right. I've tended to my guest. I've talked with Iorhael and now it's time we all talked here. Is everyone in Back End ready? We need to discuss plans together.

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