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Rest After Work: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

The tension over making plans for confronting Our Evil Trespasser, as well as the publicity keeping my Pocket Realm afloat with its young charge, has made me weary indeed. And Halfast must be off at the Grey Havens by now. And I cannot imagine how worn a'maelamin must have been after duplicating part of our smial in his own Realm for a safe escape as well as attuning himself to all our energies, so he can see to all of our safety, and making weaponry for everyone. Of course, he has much experience in this kind of work, always having known he is a Muse, something I am just beginning to learn. Everyone else seems to be adjusting just fine now. So a'maelamin and I decided to spend the weekend recovering in the Pantry Smial. Just snuggling and delighting each other in our own way.

So I started our late morning, after sleeping in a bit with a breakfast of waffles, pancakes, and berries.

We then sat and snuggled quietly looking out the window and reading, followed by a nice lunch break.

So I went and prepared a nice dinner and all, and cleaned myself up a bit, and drew a nice bath.

A'maelamin, bath before dinner, or afterward?

Oh and there's also dessert, and . . . dessert, as well. Well?

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