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After All Is Said and Done: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I came bouncing into Back End after our fateful tea, but not everyone inside was ready to bounce, it seems. They had other things on their minds, that is. Apparently, while Iorhael and I were at tea with Melkor, Uncle Sennie and Tiger decided to follow the old writerly advice that it is always better to show than to tell in regards to their being intimately involved, which just goes to prove there are exceptions to every rule, I suppose. Primula was quite upset, it seems, but I wasn't in the best condition to tackle all these domestic squabbles right then and took comfort in a'maelamin's loving care. I do have to say that, aside from all the hub-bub over the table incident, it pleases me to see that Uncle Sennie and Tiger have become so close, but such are always the sentiments of the happily loved, I suppose.

Later that afternoon, Primula discussed her displeasure with Iorhael and brought her husband, Drogo of course, from the Realm and he and Uncle Sennie nearly got into a row before I entered. After extricating ourselves from that mess, a'maelamin and I went to bed, but Iorhael arose early to go have a talk with his mother and settle matters, which he managed and then returned to tell me and finally relax.

I think Melba and Tiger have smoothed matters between them, Uncle Sennie talked with Primula some and then did some writing and went out for a bit to see friends, which seemed to calm his nerves some, Ivy's been up and about, Smeagol's been about and, apparently, being around us has been a rejuvenating experience for him, Iorhael's removed the energy tendrils form our smial mates, and now plans are afoot for our birthday party, it seems. I only hope Iorhael doesn't stress himself out with worry about it. But presently, Grandmum's come to visit, and wants to talk to me about something, and gather everyone here together, and if I know Grandmum, she's got some plan up her sleeve that should be to all our benefit. So I'm off to see what she's up to now and see who's about.

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