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We Happy Few! : Bingo Bolger-Baggins

So it's our birthday, and happy birthday to us! So I'll get right down to business: birthday mathoms.

For my a'maelamin, my dearest Iorhael, since you and I seem to have developed a bit of a pirate fetish interest, I give you this and these, to add more derring to your do, if that is indeed possible, for you are the rascally knave who has stolen my heart.

I also made you this, since I have noticed you seem fond of this flavour, and you can spread it on whatever you please (-;, such as this. I also used some of it to make you this.

For dear Uncle Sennie: Iorhael and I recruited Melba to make you this for your room. It is surely as sturdy as you need it to be (-;. I hope you like it.

For Tiger: Iorhael and I thought you might like a little quiet time and so arranged to rent for you and Uncle Senniea friend of your choosing a weekend in a secluded cottage up north by the shores of Lake Evedrim. As you can see in the brochure, it has a table everything you need to keep you warm.

For my partner's mother whom I must impress Primula: I hope you will enjoy this and keep Uncle Sennie duly frightened.

For Ivy: I heard you have been a bit bored of late, and Melba told me you had a craft you wanted to practice, so I got you this to keep you out of trouble.

For Melba: I thought this was lovely, and you will probably twirl in front of Primula in it, oh hopeful youth! would enjoy it.

For Folly: I thought this was lovely, and you will probably strut in front of Ivy in it, of hopeful youth! would enjoy it.

For Smeagol: I thought this might help you in your favourite pursuit well, second favourite, as they are especially designed for it. And it's a staunch enemy of the Yellow Face, so you might like it.

For Grandmum: I thought this suited you, my dear.

For our smallest, but not least thought of, friends Plastic Frodo and Sam: I thought this would be nice for the two of you on pleasant days.

For our dear neighbors Arathorn and Tobey: I never would have thought rabbits and hot tubs mixed, but here is Something to make shagging sitting in your hot tub a little more cozy for you.

For Primrose Gamgee: wear it well, dear.

For Ruby Gamgee: Last I heard, I think you did the age jump thingie so popular among the young these days; even so, I know there is still a little pirate in you somewhere who might like this.

For Halfast Gamgee: Only the best, my hard-working friend.

For Damien the Toddler of Doom whom I miss: I was hoping a combination of two of your enthusiasms would suit you well.

For my dear friend Lai and his partners Rumil and Sil: I give you these so you may all drink from like cups together and yet toast with a guest.

For Smaug, whom was a really fun lay I would like to still consider a friend, even if we have had our differences in how you treated other friends of mine: Wear these in health and in style like no other.

For dear Esmeralda Took: You all ready have the rabbit ears, hence I thought it was time you had one of these.

Oh, and not to forget Uncle Bilbo, who I hope is in good health for a dead hobbit: I saw these and thought of you. Indulge.

And there are baskets for everyone else I still miss my dear Elanorelle, my brother and Samwise, and even Sancho *sniff*--do be sure you take one before you leave.

And do enjoy the party!

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