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The Simple Task of Unmaking: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

After Grandmum Mirabella led us all in a ceremony to upgrade the smial guardian, a'maelamin did his best to make me forget all about tension-filled tea parties, which, of course, worked. Uncle Sennie then busied about with party preparations, along with Tiger, Primula, Ivy, Folly and Melba. I think Uncle Sennie invited everyone, even Kevin the Cave Troll. Anyway, I was very grateful he undertook this, for it was all I could do to get all my birthday mathoms together and wrapped in time for the party.

So then came the day of our birthday party, with poor, dear Iorhael all nervous about such gatherings, but it all went well, excepting for a little tension with Smaug and Drogo's odd proposition. Even the residents of Plastic Town attended. Even Elanorelle. I think Ivy indulged a little too freely in Folly's fine home-brew, but the Tooks looked after the lad. And I do not know when Primula or Uncle Sennie and Tiger retired. Still, a'maelamin and I were quite happy with how everything turned out.

So today is a new day. And a new worry has descended upon me, for I have learned that Melkor has sent Damien to Smaug for tutoring in the ways of evil-doing, of which I know Smaug is quite capable. And I cannot help but mourn this, for the Damien I spent time with seemed to have benefited greatly by his father's negligence and took little after him. But now, I doubt he will be the child I became fond of when next I see him. And this worry weighs heavily because I seem to have become quite attached to the child, more than the time we spent warrants, dear child though he be. And I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I am carrying about an extradimensional room I made specifically to suit him on my Muse-ish shoulders. So I think it is high time I dissolved this room, this Pocket Realm, and perhaps remake it as something to suit my own needs later. It's simply a matter of concentrating . . . this unmaking . . . much like the making of it was . . . and I am concentrating . . . there . . . . oooowwwgh . . . . . . . .

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