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Starting Small: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Life has been quiet in the Backside Smial. Aside from the sound of Melba's carving, I hear hardly a peep beyond our little Pantry Smial of late. Uncle Sennie is off on his walkabout, but he sent me this:

(To the tune "Someone Else's Story" by Tim Rice, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, from the musical "Chess")

By Isengar Took

Long ago,
in Tolkien's first draft story,
someone with my name
who looked a lot like me
took the Ring
and started to save Arda.
He only got so far
when Tolkien changed his mind.
It seems,
although the story sounds just as good,
he should have done the job - he knows that he could.
And still, I wish it wasn't so.
Will I always want to go?

In a way
it's someone else's story:
Frodo was the one
to see the whole thing through.
the Hobbit I was fond of
finally could see
he shouldn't feel so blue.
And so
he realised he had his own life,
and better than that, it wasn't one of strife.
And though his life is a bit benign
I would say that it is fine.

It's all very well to say a muse is ever growing.
I could be reaping
everything that I am sowing.

I have found
myself in my own story,
in someone else's life
and he is now with me.
I don't see
a reason to be lonely.
I just took my chances,
content with what will be.
And if
the lad I knew should ask my advice,
oh - I wouldn't hesitate, he needn't ask me twice.
Live now!
The time you have is free.
Can't you see the Hobbit's me.
The story is the Hobbit's me.

I'm quite touched--no one has written a song for me before, but if I try to sing it, I suspect no one will dare to again, so I shall spare you all for now. I also heard from Laiqalasse that he and his troupe will be returing to the Shire, which will be a delight.

So, a'maelamin says I should start small with my musing. With a simple object before trying to flesh out a landscape. Hmmmmm. Ah. How's . . . . mmmmmmmmm . . . . this? I think it's lovely, don't you? A hibiscus. Just like the ones growing wild in southern Umbar. Except for the pot.

A'maelamin! Look what I made!

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