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After the Holiday Stew: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

When a'maelamin and I decided on making a Back End family dinner, we really had no idea just what we were in for. First a'maelamin got into an argument with his mother basically about her disapproval of our relationship again, even before the dinner started. But that did lead him and me into an interesting talk about what it might be like to Muse together.

Then it was time for dinner. Little did we know that Primula would be bringing her children from the Realm, and Iorhael was quite a mess over it, charmers though they are. I did my best to mediate until he and his mother were on the same page, but needless to say, it was quite an exhausting time getting to that point for all of us. And after all that, interestingly enough, I suspect Primula may be proving more adaptable than I supposed. I know the others went out to the Green Dragon the night before and I am quite curious just what went on there.

Then there was last night's little excitement. Well, after a'maelamin and I had finally gone to bed, who should knock on the door waking us but Smeagol. And he wasn't done knocking either when Iorhael opened the door. My poor Iorhael. I got him to bed and then Melba shouted and all the smialhold was up before we got Smeagol under control. Huh! You know, I just remembered Smeagol's story about the leviathan! I wonder if the wound Smeagol suffered has anything to do with his fever? I must remember to tell Iorhael about it. This danger is something we need to discuss anyway. Hmmm. So we finally got back to bed and stayed abed a good part of the morning too.

I think Iorhael is checking up on Smeagol now. And I've been doing some tidying. Washed the dishes, changed the bedding, folded and put away the fishing net, dusted my spice rack--it's still a solid spice rack, I'm happy to say. And I took a little time to make something else musewise. For my a'maelamin. I hope he likes it. Sometime today, I must have a chat with Melba about Primula, but she wasn't up yet last I checked, so I suppose the excitement kept her long awake.

I miss Uncle Sennie. I wonder if he's coming back soon. There's an awful lot to fill him in on now, isn't there? And I miss Tiger's cheeriness about the smial--I hope he comes back from tour soon. And I shoud like to take a trip to Buckland and see if Laiqalasse and his family have settled in yet. But a'maelamin and I have a trip to the Realm scheduled, so busy, busy, busy. And just at the time of year where I'd rather be cooking up a storm and spending the evening digesting cozily in front of the fire place with my cozy one! But I am looking forward to the trip, so I am not complaining, really. Well, I've written up a stew so I think I'll stop and get on with things.

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