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Back End Mandate: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Iorhael and I have returned from the Realm, and he gave me the most lovely gift upon our return, but now that we are out and about, it seems awfully quiet around here.

In any event, we are having a party tomorrow at Back End to celebrate the incoming year. And I am sorry, but I am determined that no one in this smial is going to take a little hike to Mordor and be able to say they cannot remember the taste of strawberries--I do not care how forlorn and uber-angsty it makes you sound--that is Positively Forbidden! And I have chocolate to enforce that mandate!

And no, I do not care if Smeagol is living in a bog if I have to go out and bring him back myself, or if Uncle Sennie and Tiger are staying out on a boat or if Arathorn and Tobey want to stay in their flet and feel forgotten. And that includes Brandybucks, Asphodel and Merry. Everyone is coming and is going to be properly fed because I am preparing a holiday feast worthy of Hobbits. Any questions? Good. Come in here and start eating then.

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