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Tuckborough Bound: Bingo Bolger_Baggins

The last couple of days have been very trying for a'maelamin. I am glad I took time to go someplace where I could vent my rage, because he needs me to be there for him now and not caught up with my own issues. The other morning was very frightening for both of us. Yet the rest of the day was more peaceful and I suspect he is working through the worst of it.

I must thank Primula for her help. I didn't even notice when she slipped out of the room after she helped me get Iorhael in. But I believe Melba is being good company for her, though Melbie has been a little odd of late . . . quieter than usual, as it seems to me, anyway. Maybe it's because she is sharing more of her thoughts with Primula. I know Smeagol has been seen about the Green Dragon of late--I wonder what he's up to. And Tiger and Uncle Sennie are off sailing. Sounds awfully romantic to me.

Anyway, last I saw Gramma Addy, I promised I would come back soon with Iorhael for a visit. I suppose this may be a good time for it and I do believe the distraction might do a'maelamin some good. I heard Grandmum Mir is visiting at Great Smials as well. And perhaps Iorhael and I will get to see how our in-laws get along if Primula decides to join us. So, as soon as a'maelamin is ready, we will see who else is joining us for the ride to Tuckborough.

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