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Visiting Tooks: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Iorhael, his mother, and I decided to make a visit to Tuckborough. Frankly, I think the change of scenery would do a'maelamin well with all he has been dealing with. Not that we haven't been finding distractions of our own. And a smial with bustling Tooks, which describes Great Smials even when no one other than Gramma Addy is in residence, should also do him good. I do wonder how Primula will get on with the version of her mother and grandmother in my family, and they with her.

So we rode the monorail out here and now we're walking down Took Lane to the smial. I wonder how Uncle Sennie's and Tiger's sailing expedition is turning out? Or how Smeagol is getting on in his new habitation? Or Melbie and whatever is preoccupying her that she decided to not accompany Primula here? And what was up with Lobelia? She looked like she was quite vexed with herself for some reason. I wonder what dragon got under her carpet, as they say, this time?

Well, here we are. The Great Porch. The Great Red Door--open as usual. Shall we? Great Smials.

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