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Musing Squared: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

It's been a little while since I've written here . . . let's see. Ah yes! Lover's Day. Spent with my a'maelamin, of course, was lovely, if a bit frustrating. But we did have a good talk about our . . . well, my past, anyway, and talked a little about the hobbitling we hope to raise, and musing--oh!--and a'maelamin sang to me again, and gave me a gift as well. And we made up for what Melkor prevented us from doing as soon as the weekend was over.

So, after a lovely visit at Great Smials we came back to our little Pantry Smial--Melba and Primula stayed on there a little longer. We were both ready for a relaxing day, but Fate would have none of that, it seems. Or better yet Chaos, who contrived to scare Samwise into betraying my dear a'maelamin, and then terribly misused him--it was just frightful! If I ever get my hands on Chaos, why . . . well, enough of that. Samwise did have a change of heart and brought Iorhael home, and after we got him settled in, Samwise and I had a few words. Iorhael and I talked when he felt up to it, and Iorhael summoned Primula home for safety's sake.

Still, I have fears about this Muse business. What I could become if I am not most careful. And I think I should proceed most slowly with this course, but I do not want to disappoint a'maelamin. And if I do not progress, then our talk about that hobbitling will all come to naught. And I too am becoming eager to bring that about now. So I feel as if I am in a bit of a fix. And I need to work my way out of it, I suppose.

And I suppose the tried and true way to do that is to make some mushroom pie.
Hmmm, I wonder how Isengar and Tiger are faring on their journey? And I wonder how Elanorelle is doing--she has been in my thoughts quite a bit of late.

So, to the kitchen alcove. Mushroom pie.

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