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More Sprung Than Spring: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

What all has been transpiring here in Back End, you ask? Well, after everyone arrived safely back from Great Smials after Chaos's infernal interference, a'maelamin tried his best to smooth away my worries. Then, as we talked some more about our impending sex interrupter sleep interrupter, we realized that our offspring would have a bigger foe to worry about than Chaos, that being parents that would hermetically seal her from all independent experience, and we ought to take measures against those menaces. Still, we haven't decided yet on how we will bring her into being. I need to work on my Musing before I'll know what I am capable of.

Then stress took its toll. A'maelamin forgot that the Party Field is not protected by our smial guardian and planned a party out there, and I only realized his plans a moment too late. Luckily, Samwise was there when Chaos came up to try to harm Fro-lad and we got him inside in time. Then Samwise noticed Iorhael was in trouble. So while the rest were safely inside, I went out and saw the oliphaunt that Chaos had conjured up and, luckily, remembered what Trotter had taught me, and I think that made the difference. Then Chaos just would not quit, the spoil sport, but we were fortunate enough to be graced by Order's appearance and she took care of Chaos while I took Iorhael home.

We then joined the others for tea and to see how they were faring. I was without my voice, which I do believe was a relief to many. Iorhael took Fro-lad aside to have a talk with him and then we all gathered in the kitchen. Iorhael brought out a lute and played for us a beautiful song. I so love his singing, and it was the first time I heard him play--it was very hot beautiful. And I told him so afterwards.

I wrote to Elanorelle for her birthday, and wouldn't you know it? Ring Day did not pass without me hearing back from her. I do hope she returns soon. And my mun passed on to me a note from little once again, or so the crayola's indicate Merin, which I was delighted to see. Perhaps we'll see him soon too. I wonder when Tiger and Uncle Sennie will make their way back to us? Oh, and there's a Took in another universe my mun wants me to visit with--I must pencil that in. And here we are with a whole smial full of Tooks and Baggins!

Now I wonder if I should start work on my little Pocket Realm.

Or eat. Hmmm.

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