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Too Much to Bear: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

As if coming to terms with the idea that my father is finally a visual presence in my life were not enough to worry about, our chat with Iorhael's mother brought further vexation upon us. Even the things that should have been simply happy announcements seemed to bring more anguish upon us all. Alas. But I suppose Melba might be just such a one as to talk sense into Primula, so perhaps things will be rectified after all. And frankly, despite my misgivings, I really haven't the foggiest idea what my father's intentions are, so . . . until I am ready to seek them out--which I am certainly not--all we can do is speculate. And worry will do us no good, so it would be all for the best to put it behind us for now, I suppose. And there has also been talk that the monster that was in Bywater Pond was seen heading down the Brandywine to the sea, so that is one less worry for the present. I do hope Uncle Sennie and Tiger will make a return before my second homecoming party next weekend--and I must remember to remind our neighbors to drop by, so to speak.

Now, for the present moment, let me see if I cannot do a little more with my Pocket.

*concentrates as a line of light forms the outline of a doorway before him, which he opens and steps through, and smiles to survey his work, adds some hibiscus and bananas, orchids, mimosas, and gardenias, yawns*

That's quite enough, for I am wearying already. *pops back into the Pantry Smial* If this tires me so, I wonder what making a hobbitling would do. Or the changes I will have to make in my own body. *worries as he drinks some tea*

*lies down on the bed and falls fast asleep with exhaustion, and dreams*

And sees striding toward him his very own a'maelamin, and there--what is he holding? Why, it's a hobbitling! Why, yes, yes she is ours--there's no doubt about that! Oh, isn't she beautiful! Just beautiful . . . and oh, ah, screaming quite loudly, really! She . . . she won't STOP! And there's TWO of them! Aaaagh! Is there no ship that will bear me hence? They're coming CLOSER! Where might I hide? They're . . . oh no . . . they're ROLLO!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Quick, a tree! Bingo grabs the hobbitling and climbs the tree. And then his mind opens to the woeful happening in the mun's world. So many. And they are hungry. Oh, so hungry! Oh my! And the fiend has a rifle! Oh help! We are hunted! It is too awful! We cannot escape . . . .

*overidentifies, wakes with a start, hides under the covers*

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