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Something about today . . .: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Today was a special day. Bingo knew that. But he couldn't remember why. So he sat and scratched his ear. He just knew that he wanted to do something on this day that he hadn't done before, but what could that be? And he knew it had something to do with the place he woke up in before the short person found him and took him to this new place.

Bingo felt that somehow, he should go back to that place. But he was happy here. The short person was properly attentive, kept him fed, and snuggled with him when it was dark. The other short people here were also nice, not that he was awake long enough to meet everyone here. It is good to sleep a great deal.

Bingo ambled into the kitchen, and opened the cabinets, and pulled out some special ingredients. It had been a while since he made any explosives, of that he was sure. Maybe that was it! It was highly likely that he never blew that place up before. Maybe that is just what he needed to do. And wouldn't the persons with guns be surprised? That thought made Bingo very happy. So he mixed up a nice batch of explosives and put them in a sack. Then he found some matches and put them in another sack. He flung the sacks over his little shoulders.

Now how could he get back? Bingo hoped he remembered the way. He opened a window and climbed out of the smial. He would miss the short person, but he just knew he would see her again. And there was someone he missed a great deal already; he just could not remember whom. It made his heart feel so heavy. He made his way down the path and headed toward the Tuckborough Monorail Station.

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