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The Obligatory Dance Number: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Bingo decided that perhaps Folco wasn't so clueless after all. He found Bingo the very best outfit to wear and put on like accouterments. And they danced and danced to the very best music too! This was fun! Why, everyone should want to join in, wouldn't you think?

Bingo wondered if that nice hobbit Isengar, who was trying to protect them all, would dance with them. He seemed so worried--perhaps weighted down with the burden of his responsibility. Bingo thought that must be terrible and was glad he didn't have any responsibilities. Isengar's friend Tiger also seemed worried. Maybe worrying together was not so bad as worrying separately.

Bingo wondered where everyone else was. He wondered if Iorhael would want to dance or if he would say no to that too because Bingo was a koala bear. Sometimes it was hard being a koala bear. But not too often. And being a koala bear dancing to ABBA's Greatest Hits was as good as it gets. Well, almost, practically, it probably was, right? Right.

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