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Fear and Loathing in Hobbiton: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Bingo ran and ran and ran but it was no use. He turned and the fell beast was upon him! It had him in its mighty grasp and sunk its terrible teeth into . . .

And Bingo woke in an awful panic, as you could imagine! He had to get out of there before this nightmare became a reality. So he looked in every direction and the only movement he saw in the room, strewn with the litter of a really great party, was Folco's chest rising and falling as he slept in his chair. Bingo climbed down from his ornamental mallorn tree and padded swiftly across the floor of the Pantry Smial and climbed up to a window. He undid the latch and climbed out into the night.

Bingo bolted across the lawn and there before him it loomed. It was the koala-proof fence that Isengar lovingly had put up for Bingo's protection, but now it was his very bane. He was trapped! And it was just a matter of time before the evil beast found him! He knew that. Bingo's heart pounded and unbearable terror coursed through his veins. There was no where he could go! Defeated, he let out a bellow of utter despair.

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