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For Every Action There is an Ekoala'nd Opposite Reaction: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Now that everyone seemed to be on the same page, Bingo wondered why there was so much talking going on, but things were finally looking up and it seemed as if he would get to blow something up as he had dearly hoped. Maybe even more than one thing! As it turned out, he had enough explosives for a much bigger explosion than was needed to blow up the Nobottle Cellular Phone Company building.

So Bingo let Gramma Addy and Iorhael carry off the big canister with them behind the hill and he lit the small one. He wondered if Tiger and Isengar and Celly and Melba and Folco and those Big People who lived next door would see his explosion from wherever they were.

My! he never knew Grandmum Mirabella could run so fast! She carried Bingo over behind the hill with the others.


That was great, wasn't it! Now onto the next one.

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