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Unable to Bear It Any Longer: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Bingo had run far into the woods. Secure in the crook of a big, old tree, all his memories of his life as a hobbit came flooding back to him. And he wanted that life back. Not that blowing up ugly buildings wasn't an exciting experience, but there were many other exciting things he missed doing as a hobbit. Yes, there were . . .

. . . and it felt sort of different. Less fuzzy. Mostly. And less compact, and more long limbed, and less . . . thumby, and more . . . footy. And less explosivey . . . and more angsty . . . oh . . . yes that.

And less naked . . . and sick to the stomach from eating all those eucalyptus leaves . . . oooohhhh! I feel quite ill.

*clutches his very hobbity stomach, slowly climbs down and falls to the ground, crawls into the bushes and curls up*

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