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The Usual Hobbit: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

So here I am. A hobbit once more. With a queazy stomach still, but it is improving.

I think everyone may still be asleep. I heard intimations that there was some trouble in the forest beyond the fact of the entire smialhold having to traipse about in the dark due to me. I have many thanks to give to all my friends for that. And for all the time they all took these past few weeks in watching out for my silly bearish head.

I did learn a few things while I was a koala. But now it is time to get on with things. A huge stack of mail awaits me--mostly business having to do with my work for HADL and DOMEACE. The work of the political hobbit never ends, it seems.

But first . . . *looks out the window* . . . I suppose I ought to take down that fence. And speaking of fences, we do not see many visitors, of the welcome and unwelcome variety alike, in the Shire anymore as we did a year or two ago. Things have certainly become quiet on the roads of Arda of late. I wonder if that will change?

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