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Clouds and Mist: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

So, here I am. Mr. Tabula Rasa since I woke up after the Harvest moon. Well, not really. Just a clean slate for a little more than two years as far as I can recall now. The last thing I can remember happening was my confrontation with Melkor and Sauron and rescuing Chomsky. Not long before that, Hamilcar, Trotter, and my mother disappeared. The Shire was in an absolute state of chaos all that summer, my first summer back in the Shire. It was a dreadful time, but oddly the feelings I had then feel quite remote. Or not oddly, because it was two years ago, and I suppose I must have come to terms with those events since then. Then the next thing I can remember is walking the Blue Fire, and all those times between are lost in the mists for now. So whatever it is that I needed to forget for a time occurred, or at least was set in motion, two years ago.

What was it that I needed release from, I wonder? If I know me, it must have been a matter of the heart. I wonder if Hamilcar returned and something more deep developed between us, for if it did, I cannot feel it now. Ah, it could be someone else. Perhaps a death. Perhaps more than one loss was involved. But . . . whatever it was, or who it involved, for whatever reason, it's best that I don't try to recall it now, for that's the whole purpose of the ritual, isn't it? So I live with a little mystery right now in exchange for a peace of mind that must have been vital to my survival, else I wouldn't have chanced the Blue Fire. And I suppose what I need to concentrate on is taking care of myself, for I must not have been doing a very good job of it before.

But life has been quite pleasant since I woke up. I find that my little Pantry Smial is now part of a much larger smial full of hustle and bustle. I quite approve. I've just begun to learn of the changes that have occurred around here in the last two years. So I sent out invitations for my first foray back into community work, and that went quite well. Then the other night we all went out to the Green Dragon and sang many silly songs and, though some left, many of us got quite sloshed. And I remember running into King Elessar there as well. I wonder if he moved to the Shire and is living with his father here or is just in for a visit. I'll find out soon enough. I need to run down to the Green Dragon to get my HADL appointment book, which I believe I left there. Then I can join the rest for breakfast, or what's left of it. So, here I am, back at the Dragon.

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