Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre (bbolger_baggins) wrote,
Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre

Happy Birthday to Us!: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

All right regardless of what's going on elsewhere, it's my birthday! So I have mathoms to give out!

So where are the other birthday hobbits, my brother Frodo and Iorhael?

Now, Samwise and Frodo? Samwise, gardening can be such an invigorating occupation, and I know you'll know what to do with this garden product. And Frodo, here's something for you to read while Sam's busy doing that gardening.

Iorhael--here's something I know you like that you can use when napping..

Uncle Sennie, you're so artistic--I know you'll know what to do with this . . . and whom to do it with.

Speaking of whom, I think you'll have uses for this, Tiger.

Smeagol, here's something to brighten up your room or even your mud hut.

Ivy, here's something for that yellow cloak you like to wear.

Merry, I had this made for your new room in Bag End--a special bed just for you.

Esmeralda, I know you're fond of wearing these, and I thought you might like to have a dressy set of them.

And Primrose, in case you run into another rocky situation, you won't have to neglect your hygiene.

All right everyone, there's birthday cake in the kitchen. Do join us.

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