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Filial Duty Fulfilled By the Fullness of the Fill: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I do thinkthe birthday party managed to lend some calm to our formerly stressed little smial. Everyone's wounds seem to be healing nicely with Iorhael's help. What to do about Merry though is quite a worry, but Folly has been keeping a good eye on him; he seems to have hope that Merry's condition could improve. Smeagol and Ivy seem to have been bonded by the little incident and spend much time together now. Melbie is so happy with Celly, she seems to have a glow about her, which is awfully nice to see. Uncle Sennie went on a walkabout--a rather long one--so we haven't seen him in a little while. But Grandmum should be home soon from wherever she was visiting. Oh, and I saw Elanorelle, but I'm not sure exactly where that was--I'm wondering if the fuzziness is a residual effect from the ritual still. Hmm.

And since Samwise is off at some gardening convention, Frodo is staying with us. I've tried to make him a little something to eat. I hope this is an acceptable spread for the Younger Baggins.

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