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Flowing Tresses Like the Finest Silk: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Bingo sits curled up on his sofa reading the headlines of a newspaper, his feet wrapped in a blanket.

Hmm, don't they always? It's not as if a whole lot of puppet sex is going on anyway these days. Not for me anyway. But it's not as if I'm a hobbit-magnet lately--even if I didn't feel so nervous about dating anyone. Who would want to go out with someone who could stand in the sun and blind you with the glare off the tops of his feet anyway? They look so disgusting--ugh. *pulls the blanket tighter around his feet*

I suppose I could wear a toup, but they always look so . . . fake to me, and draw even more attention to your lack, I think. I could wear wooden shoes like Trotter did, but he didn't wear those for cosmetic reasons, and I can't really pretend I'm making a political statement if I did so . . . because I'm not. I just want them to look . . . not soooooo . . . bare. Glaring. Embarrassing.


Plain ugly, really. Maybe an elf or a human wouldn't mind . . . but hobbits . . . it's going to be a cold winter.

At least family, my friends, and neighbors don't seem to notice . . . much . . . I hope.

Oh bother.

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