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And Winter's Closing In: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I suppose I haven't been the best company lately, but it's time I gave this little livejournal its due as the solstice passes us by. There have been some comings and goings in this smial of ours. After a long walk-about, Uncle Sennie came back to us, bearing mathoms, no less. Samwise returned from his gardening convention, much to my brother's joy. I do not know what I would have done without my little brother; he's been quite the patient listener as my memories return to me. He and Samwise have some project they are working on that I know little of; I should query them about it.

Life goes on a pace with the others here. Uncle Sennie seems to be in a festive mood--I think he has some guests over--perhaps I should venture out of the Pantry Smial and be sociable, sociable as I haven't been of late, but books have been my most constant partners as the days have grown short *thumbs through a book on his desk* for I find solace in such like-minded companions as I find here:

Come, darkest night, becoming sorrow best;
Light, leave thy light, fit for a lightsome soul;
Darkness doth truly suit with me oppressed,
Whom absence' power doth from mirth control:
The very trees with hanging heads condole
Sweet summer's parting, and of leaves distressed
In dying colours make a griefful roll,
So much, alas, to sorrow are they pressed.
Thus of dead leaves her farewell carpet's made:
Their fall, their branches, all their mournings prove,
With leafless, naked bodies, whose hues vade
From hopeful green, to wither in their love:
If trees and leaves for absence mourners be,
No marvel that I grieve, who like want see.

Lady Mary Wroth, a poet worthy of hobbit angst: Sonnet XIX, 1621

You see, I haven't been much fit for company of late, really.

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