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May the New Year Bring Us All Joy: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Well, it's a new year and we had a lovely party to bring it in, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It has been many a moon since I slept as well as I did last night. Except for the one disturbing dream I had. Those feet--quite a frightening sight, really! Obviously, I'm still rather embarrassed about my bare feet. And I suppose it is only because I know Big Folk have no preference for a fine foot of fur that gave me the courage to flirt with Arathorn at the party. I doubt I would have dared if he were a hobbit. Isn't this awfully silly?

*looks out Pantry Smial window* I wonder what all those folks are doing going into Bag End. I thought Frodo and Sam weren't home yet. But perhaps they are and are having guests. I wonder why they haven't invited me though. *slight pout* Ah well. I suppose they'll let us know if they want any of us to drop by.

*goes out into the Backside Smial kitchen to see who's up and about*

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