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Reflecting in the Snow: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

We did start off the year quite nicely with a birthday party for The Professor who first put the history of Middle earth into writing, making all Ardas possible. I suppose we could even make him responsible for the inevitable hangovers that followed said party, but I suppose it would be best for us to subscribe to the idea of free will and all that and let him off the hook.

I then took a trip astrally to the mun's world and had a lovely time and had nice chats with people I met, and some very nice muns, though not all chats were of a light nature. Things were mostly quiet all January on Bagshot Row, and only Samwise was up and about being industrious and all enthusiastic with plans for his new herb shop.

And then all the fuss happened. It started when a visiting elf fell from Arathorn and Tobey's flet and hurt himself badly. I was talking with Samwise and Frodo about their business venture, and Tiger and Esmerelda joined us, when Tobey came in with the wounded Eldar. I ran and brought back Grandmum Mirabella who found that his leg was broken and he had a bad head wound and set about healing him. Melba joined us and that's when we all learned that she had a powerful ring, who was having some self-esteem issues, I understand. So much has been going on with this wounded elf I haven't had a chance to get the full story on that ring yet, but apparently Melba and Celly had a talk about it and seemed to work some things out.

I'm not quite sure what Uncle Sennie and Folly were up to during this but apparently they were entertaining Ms. Rosamunde and Kevin as guests. And Arathorn came home from a journey, as rangers do--Trotter, who I still miss very much, was always travelling all over the place--and apparently he and Tobey had some misunderstandings to work through that I don't quite understand. But when it comes to such things, I suppose there's much I don't understand. Arathorn's off wandering again and seemed quite troubled last I saw him--poor fellow--back when I was filling in Uncle Sennie on all that had gone on.

I went and checked up on the elf, whose name is Celebrimbor, by the way. I'm sure that's a Noldorian name, but there were so many Celesomethings, I don't remember which one he was. He probably figures importantly in one of their many battles. I just hope his temper proves to be other than some of the other Noldor I have met. Thinking back to that time, makes me shiver. I'm quite glad things have settled down a bit around here--what a stressful time my first few months back in the Shire was! So Celebrimbor's recovery might take some time; Celly and Melba are still visiting over at the flet, I believe, and Uncle Sennie's napping so things are a bit quiet around here.

Will this winter ever end? It is so cold and dreary. I wish something nice would happen. I suppose I best review some Quenya and Sindarin so I can speak with our visiting Eldar in his tongue if need be--and that will best be done curled up in blankets by the fire. How I wish . . . no, I will keep busy.

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