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Hobbit Interrupted: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Well, this is quite a contrast, isn't it? *pulls his cloak tight about him* It's cold and dreary out here, more so because it was so warm . . . and deliciously inviting in there . . . and was starting to become much warmer still, if we were not interrupted. *sighs*

But perhaps the time wasn't right, seeing that I'm out here right now; my dear Dunedain does need to deal with his troubles with Tobey. And timing is all important with these things, isn't it?

Or is it? We were just reaching for a little bit of fun together, which neither of us have been having much luck finding of late. Still, our bit of fun might have been one more stumbling block for him and Tobey, one which they do not need if they're trying to put things back together between them. But that does seem to be quite a big "if" at this point, isn't it? And if I took him back to the Pantry Smial . . . am I really ready? Sure, I'm quite more than painfully ready on the physical side of things, but . . . is that why I'm hesitating; am I really being considerate of him, or am I but using his relationship for an excuse? *grows glassy eyed* Would the memories there . . . haunt me and intrude on our pleasure?

But enough of this! *chuckles* Obviously I'm going to have to haul this ranger into the wine cellar instead and lock the door. It just doesn't have to be that complicated, does it? *smiles to himself*

And what of this Cele . . . ba . . . Celebrimbor? What does he wish to confide in me? Something that would just entangle me in the twisted paths the Noldor tread no doubt! *puffs and shakes his head*

Still, I'm prejudging again--not that my experience doesn't warrant caution--yet this Noldor just doesn't seem to be one bearing a cloud behind him, but quite the opposite, if I were just to follow my perceptions . . . and not my memories of others so shrouded in blood. *closes his eyes*

*sighs* I am curious though about what he has to tell me. And though curiosity and an open hand can bring cruel doom, so do sword-guarded approaches and doors closed with suspicion. I'd rather walk openly then. And we'll see what Melba and Celly's impressions are when they return--I needn't rely on my own alone. It will take him some time to recover, I suppose.

So why do I have this feeling of foreboding? Bingo Bolger-Baggins, you simply think too much! And that won't do at all. *looks out into the woods, then turns to go back inside*

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