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And the Wind Rushes In: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

So, I've cleaned the washroom and folded and swept things here in the bedroom. I'd go downstairs and do more if I had some day clothes--just one more thing I'll have to bother Gary to get me. But this is a start, I suppose, the first day I've gotten up and been useful. And I'm completely exhausted now, so I'm not quite up to snuff yet.

Talking with Gary about things did do me a world of good though. But I've been thinking. *chuckles* Yes, I've been thinking about that too. Heh. But what I keep coming back to is how odd it was for the Warg to have carried me so far. As if he were taking me toward some destination. But why? Why didn't he kill and eat me right off? *shudders*

It just doesn't make sense . . . unless . . . someone had trained him to do that!!! My Eru! Someone who wants me alive! And if someone is after me . . . then whomever I am!!! Gary and the children!!! *looks around* I have to get out of here! Quickly! *opens the door and starts launching into the hallway*

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