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Finding The Missing Link: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

It looks to be a fine spring day, but I feel quite content to lay about, having this most enchanting bundle asleep in my arms. *runs his fingers through a lock of her hair* What is it about her sunset tresses though? They're so lovely and yet . . . I startled awake from sleep after half glimpsing them, my heart pounding as if I were about to be attacked again. 'Tis odd, with her being my bold rescuer, sweet caretaker, and, of late, delightful lover. *shrugs, chuckles to himself as he lets the lock drop through his fingers and softly pets her head* I always did like playing with fire, I suppose.

I wonder how things are back in The Shire? I hope my gone-missing hasn't been too much of a worry, still I do hope they heeded my message and are spreading the word through The Shire to use caution if going out in the woods. If I know Uncle Sennie, he probably is worrying and fretting--I hope he finds something to take his mind off that. Hopefully, though, no other fell beast accompanied my dread foe and my warning will prove unneeded. *purses his lips* I don't want to think about what happened to me, but I suppose I will when I get on my feet again. That hip is going to be sore for a while yet.

Did Elanorelle get my missive in time for her birthday, I wonder? Is it evil of me to hope Eldamar has lost its charm for her so that she decides to return, at least for a visit soon? One can always hope.

And I do hope they're enjoying this spring day back home. I wonder if the Ranger returned there--but I'd rather not think about him--it hurts still. *sighs* I do miss all my friends in the Backside Smial, even if I am quite enjoying the company at hand. *looks fondly at the sleeper* She does much to make up for all this misadventure that befell me. *plants a light kiss on her head*

Now, why do I get the feeling that Iorhael is not all that far away? I haven't had that feeling for quite some time. And if he is about, who is to say how long his stay will last this time? But I don't wish to ponder that any longer. If he wants my help, he knows how to find me--my door is open for him always, but I must keep my heart safe.

And thinking of home, I do hope the House of Finwe had no hand in my terrible mishap. I'd like to go on considering Celebrimbor a terribly nice fellow, like his lovely great-grandfather. I wonder what he wanted to talk to me about and if he's awaiting me still. *blinks* I do wonder if his visit has anything to do with Melba's ring? Now that I ponder it, I bet it does! I do hope that doesn't spell some trouble though. *frets* Well, if it does, Celly does know her ring-lore. And I hope Melbie knows she could ask my brother for advice about her ring, if need be. Come to think of it, maybe it's my brother and Samwise who the elf needed to speak with and not me at all.

Ah, but the lovely one in my arms begins to stir!

*strokes her hair and calls to her softly* Garynettie? Has the Lord of the Gardens of Lorien set you free at last, dearest? The more fool him, if I do say so myself.

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