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Yes, It Might Be a Lovely Day, But . . .: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

What a couple of days it has been! Everyone coming to see me, and then Merry and Pippin joining us by accident! After a good night's sleep and a nice leisurely morning, Gary and I took a stroll outside. It was just lovely. Everything is in bloom and the breeze . . . oh, who am I bloody kidding? It's absolutely terrifying out there!

Yes, it's all very beautiful; I can appreciate that. But when the breeze blows things rustle, and every rustle . . . just makes me jump for the life of me. Nnnn dear! *sighs*

I just have to tell myself that it will get better, but it will take awhile. I know these things do pass in time. Recovering from my imprisonment in Umbar didn't happen over night, but eventually, I did stop looking over my shoulder constantly and lying awake at night fearing the dark. And it took some time, but I did stop fearing all the time that Fingolfin and Fingon would come back for me. Or that Melkor would carry me off again. Heh. So much so, I even challenged him over tea.

This will pass, as all things born of the dark do in time . . . in time. But for now . . . for now, I just need to buck up, buck up and move forward.

And I can't hold everyone up here any longer. Celly has her forge and Melbie her workbench to get back to. Elanorelle needs to get herself settled in so she can start living her life with us again, and bring little Feana back to join us. Merry and Pippin I'm sure are anxious to be back on their way. And Gary. I know I've been such a disruption. There will be more work for her to do as summer gets on to harvest, I suppose, and I'm of little use now for help with all of that--perhaps when I'm more healed . . . . So we should be getting on our way before the day gets any later.

*joins the others outside by the wagon and ponies, as Gary lent them a second pony to help pull more passengers* So shall we be on our way?

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