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Beyond the Threshold: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I had the most disturbing dreams last night that have left me with a terrible sense of foreboding. I suppose that's natural on my first night home after the ordeal, but not any the less unsettling for that. And being home in my Pantry Smial, in my own bed . . . alone . . . brings back memories of when Iorhael shared it with me, may he be well wherever he is. *sighs* But so much has happened since, hasn't it? And if it didn't, I wouldn't have met Garnet. I miss her. And little Bery and Plado. I wonder how they are faring?

And so much hubbub yesterday, what with our three distinguished Noldor guests. I am a bit worried about what Celebrimbor's plans are for his rings of power. And just what exactly is going on between the three of them is also unsettling. But they have been fine guests, despite the wanton destruction of large branches from our trees, and all the smialhold seems to have enjoyed their company. Though it has been a bit of a strain for Elanorelle, still a strain that I think may have done her some good. It is beyond wonderful to have her back now. I know my uncle thinks so, too. And we even got a missive from Tiger.

I wonder if the guests are up yet? I saw their doors were closed, but I don't know if they are within or have moved on, but I don't want to knock on their doors yet.

Grandmum came by this morning bright and early--what a boon she is to me. I told her of my mishap and she looked over my wounds and gave me a brace for my hip which she insists I wear for a while. She also wants me to walk with a cane as much as possible for a while to favour my bad hip and has gone back to get me one--a swordcane she has.

But there's just so much protection any sword will be if I don't get back into the practice of using one. So I'm going outside to practice. I-I did try to go out . . . and practice earlier . . . but I couldn't. I just couldn't go out there. Even armed this time. Some swordshobbit I am. /-:

All right. Enough of this! I have got to get over this fear. I'm going to go out.

*takes a deep breath, opens the door of the Pantry Smial and launches himself outside, practices the breathing exercises Trotter taught him long ago to calm himself, shifting his stance as he moves the sword in an arc before him*

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