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Riding on Errands: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

After breakfast and seeing off our Noldor guests, and then Elanorelle and Uncle Sennie's departure for Undertowers, Grandmum heard back from the friends she sent to early this morning about setting up a meeting with some possible tutors for my young friends on Southlinks Farm. It's a lead, anyway. And a nice excuse, I suppose, to visit the pub in Greenfields where they said they could meet us between their other appointments. It's been forever since I've been there. And Greenfields also has a charming market where I can pick up a few things in case guests come by on my birthday. So two errands in one.

It being a fine enough day, despite these nagging feelings of foreboding, I went down the hill, with my cane--see, I'm being good--to fetch the cart and ponies. We can also carry back more with us if the market proves fruitful. So, with Grandmum's company, I'm off to Greenfields.

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