Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre (bbolger_baggins) wrote,
Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre

To Celebrate a Life

We have just returned from the sea to bid our much missed Eomer safe passage.

And looking at Eomer's journal, I am struck by what a perfect last line heshe left us with, a perfect last line of a perfect parting entry.

Accomplished, heshe noted. A brief entry, and yet so accomplished indeed.

What one most needs to know about himher and where to find good dwarven contractors is right there, isn't it? He she rebuilt a city. Now shouldn't we break out that keg and celebrate a life?

*watches Folco set up the kegs he had brewed* Eomer would want us to. *sets out mugs* Who** will join me for some ale, and to tell of link to favourite memories of this warrior of Rohan and hisher mun-mates?

**muns and readers are welcome to join the pups

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