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Far Away Gardens and Cozy Smials: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

I had the oddest dream last night, that I was wandering through gardens, had a great want for carrots, and was not alone--I can't remember anything else, but I know there was more to it--something exquisitely strange, and yet unbearably familiar. A sign of some sort.

And when I awoke my feet felt all tingly. I do believe my foot fur may be growing back. *reaches down to touch the top of his feet* I dare not hope it, but I do feel something. And they're a little itchy. *scratches them* Very, very odd.

Ah well. *picks up a copy of Better Smials & Gardens Magazine and starts thumbing through* Oh, isn't this just lovely! I've had a mind for redecorating and aren't these some fine ideas. *studies the pictures* Or I could do some baking--that well stocked pantry is making me hungry. Perhaps after I soak my feet. *starts filling the tub, looks in the closet for towels* Maybe I put them in the Back End linen closet. *opens the door of the Pantry Smial to step into the Backside Smial*

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