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Four Times Round: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

So, four years ago today I returned home to the Shire and started keeping this little journal. It's been a quiet year in Lake Woebegone since last anniversary when we were all at the Midgebane Cottage in South Links--that was a lovely day. But I've needed the quiet to heal--I've been a good patient, Grandmum says, so I'm finally venturing about without the cane any longer.

The year has been uneventful, save that Iorhael returned for a chat and to take a smial here in Hobbiton, but he hasn't been seen since, nor the llama neighbours claimed to have seen there. Elanorelle quietly celebrated her anniversary earlier this year, and Uncle Sennie's been about.

Well, I haven't been nominated for a Tiptree Award , so I'd say it's been a good year thus far (fandom is certainly not ready for marsupial mpreg and, frankly, neither am I . . . yet . . . .)

I know it's no one's birthday, but I liked the looks of this cake. Please come have a slice if you wish.

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