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For all to Whom Birthday Wishes are Applicable: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

Why yes, I am still very much alive and glad to celebrate another birthday. And truly, I have been quite busy working on my book about the hobbits of Umbar, and what I learned when I was amongst them. No one has written anything at all concerning them thus far, so I'm thinking my book just might be ground breaking--won't that be exciting? I suppose I might need to take a research trip out there, as I seem to be hazy on just how the tree smials are constructed, how they are anchored to the fibrous branches, and the drainage system for flooding, as well as how often the blue istari visit to renew the protection spells. Visiting old friends would be a bonus, I should say.

So. Today. We won't forget the warrior and hir writer who have left the spheres of the world before us on this day, not ever. *lights candles of remembrance*

*takes a bouquet and sends them cyber express* And that is in celebration of the true love this day will also be commemorating, namely, that of my munnish friends harukameko and niphrandl, who have hand-fasted today. Many congratulations, dear friends.

I wish a very happy birthday to all my fellow Baggins born on this day. I received a lovely card from my dear Elanorelle today of something . . . green. That must symbolize luck of some sort, don't you think? And I bought my mun a mathom to help her with my her writing. Now I have here purple mushrooms for everyone--so be sure to have some.

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