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Chapter 5. To What Purpose: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

March of the Mumakling
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Chapter 5. To What Purpose: Bingo Bolger-Baggins

[All the usual disclaimers apply. Some of the characters and places mentioned herein are based on those of J.R.R. Tolkien, though I hardly think he'd want them back when I'm finished with them, and as Bingo reminds me, he wasn't even wanted in the first place. Many images here are inspired by Jackson/Walsh/Boyen's film adaptation of LotR. This journal at times contains same-sex pairings, multiple-sex pairings, and whatever gender combinations suit the storyline, and slides between earnest romance and ironic raunch, ironic romance and earnest raunch, at the touch of a toggle switch. There's no money in this, so don't even think it. I bet every kid would like to get paid for playing dolls, but life's tough. Credit lavendertook, if you will, because the following text and pictures are nobody else's damn fault, but my own.]

So here comes Saffron back to fetch me, I suppose. Assuming she's learned something about retaining her passenger--after all, oliphaunts are quite bright and rather quick learners--there's still the problem of not knowing where she is taking me.

Is this journey her idea, or has someone else sent her to fetch me? And if the latter, who, and to what purpose? The ff is all important. I just won't entertain the alternative. No. Not here. Not now.

I daresay I could get into a better position to board her--let me climb over . . . here. See, there's the thing: if I decided not to go with her, would I be safe climbing higher up the tree? Would she try to grab me or is she strong enough to uproot it? Would she do such a thing as try to bring me against my will? I doubt it, but I wish I knew for sure . . .

She nears now. Sa-Saffron, my friend, I'm not entirely sure I should be riding on y . . . oh that little sound she's making! That certainly sounds like contrition to me. Oh, and she's dipping her shoulders in shame! Oooh!

Yes, I do know you didn't mean to hurt me. I accept, dear Saffron. Think no more of it. *sigh* All right. Hold still a moment this time . . . that's a good lass.

Oh, it's quite a difference when the sun goes back behind the clouds and the Trees are muted . . . there, I"m coming, my mumakling, easy now, hold still while I leap . . .

All right. *breathes* Here we are again. Elbereth, I am a bit spent from all this . . . confusion. Mind the branches now, my dear. And here we go again . . . if only you could tell me where it is you are taking me and why. But it wouldn't be an adventure then if you told me, would it?

I have to hope you've considered the merits of your task. I imagine Bilbo felt like this when Gandalf and the Dwarves first fetched him. To face the unknown without such a heavy heart, without such a burden. A dream from a simpler age I barely remember. Well, I suppose I'm ready . . .

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To be continued . . . here.

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