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Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre

Yes, Sam, We Are . . .

Our current WIP, March of the Mumakling, will continue as soon as real life stops getting woefully in the way for my writer, though she did manage to catch the One Man LotR Show last night for a good refresher. Yet we plastic hobbits also have real lives that get in the way sometimes. I have to say, this was a good getting in the way, as Sam and I enjoyed a beautiful sunny day, which has been quite rare in these parts lately, and attended the Washington, DC LGBTIQ Pride Festival last weekend. I'll just let you guess how many of those letters apply to us. We did do our best to put the H into Pride day.

Sam: Do you want to stop and sign the petition at that next table, Bingo, my dear?

Bingo: No, I'm all petitioned out, I'm afraid. Don't tire yourself out carrying that Pride banner, Sam dear. Do put it down when you get weary.

Sam: I'm fine, Bingo. And don't you let those beads weigh you down, neither, love. Take them off if you get hot.

Bingo: Dearest friend, your arm around me makes me far hotter than scorching sun or anything around my neck.

Sam: It is a mite hot, so if you don't want me holding you . . .

Bingo: Now hold it one moment, Samwise Gamgee. I said nothing of the kind, you exasperating hobbit! Nor would I ever.

Sam: One thing's for certain. Whether I got my arm around you or no, you're still hot, Bingo Bolger-Baggins. And that ain't changing no how.

Bingo: Hmmmm, I think there's some powdered sugar from the funnel cake still on your beautiful cheek. Hold still, love, while I lick it off . . .

Sam: Do you see me moving? Ain't happening . . .

Sam: Now, don't you go walking on ahead of me, Bingo. How am I gonna hold you close if you walk on ahead of me?

Bingo: My dear hobbit. If I'm walking ahead of you, it's because I want you at my back . . . close.

Sam: . . . you're trying to drive me mad, right here on Pennsylvania Avenue, what with your sliding your hand there like that.

Bingo: I could be. Just you wait until I've gotten you home, Sam. Just you wait . . .

Bingo: I'm glad we brought our beach chairs. It's nice to just sit a while and watch the Big People stroll by.

Sam: I don't need to go nowhere no how, and could sit here all day, with your arm around me, that is.

Bingo: This candy is starting to melt. Care to share a kiss with me, Sam?

Sam: Every star the Lady flung into the sky would have to fall to the ground and every river run dry before I'd say no to that, my dear.

Bingo: Oh Sam, no candy kiss will suffice in answer to that . . .

Sam: Your kisses are sweeter still, love, and no mistake . . .

Both: Mmmmmmmmmm . . .

Sam: How far did you say it is to the wago . . . train . . . Metro?

Bingo: Too far, Sam. Too far.

Sam: Where is that Gandalf when you need some of that Elvish miruvor?

Bingo: Enjoying his own Pride celebration elsewhere, I suppose.

Sam: I wish we were home and snug in our bed, my dear.

Bingo: So do I, Sam dear, so do I.

And our weary hobbits wend their way home . . . .
Tags: b/s, bingo doll adventures

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