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Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre

Tilion was a most excellent host!

For mews1945 on her birthday this weekend and a

Happy 40th Anniversary of the Moonwalk!

Bingo: *worried* Be careful, Sam! Do you need a hand there around this fellow here? I don't want to lose you, dearest.

Sam: I'm good, Bingo. *looks around* Well, we've got too much of what we didn't have in Mordor! Water, water everywhere!

Bingo: *smiles fondly* I'm so glad we got to walk on the moon. And that we got to say together, One small step for a hobbit, one giant leap for Hobbitkind.

Sam: That was some trip, and no mistake! *whispers* Though I have to say these folks' feet here are a little too Stinker-like for my liking.


Bingo: Don't worry, Sam. They'll get us to the boat and back to our own cozy smial in no time.

Sam: It don't matter if we're riding the chariot with Mr. Tilion or back snug in our own bed as long as I'm with you, love. But I'll be right glad to be snug in our bed after this adventure. *playful* Though I wonder what you are going to jump on the table and sing about now that we've been to the moon?

Bingo: Hobbits jumping ON the moon, I suppose, you teaser. Snug in bed with you is the only place I want to journey to now. *takes his hand and pulls him to the boat that will take them home*

The setting here is one of the base relief sculptures at the Navy Memorial in Washington DC; this one details Navy participation in space recovery missions. It's not an Apollo capsule for moon expeditions, but it will have to do. These freezes were specially sized for optimum hobbit doll participation.
Tags: b/s, birthdays, dc hobbit tours, space

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