Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre (bbolger_baggins) wrote,
Bingo Bolger-Baggins, Esqre

Like Crossing the Helcaraxe (F[B]/S & H picfic)

This picfic is forlbilover who is suffering under a heavy "travel punishment," and it is set in a meta-kind of way in her patchworkfamily universe. It stars Bingo as "Frodo," Sam as "Sam," and Bronze Navy Seadog as "Huan." Rating: NC-silly

Sam: There's something different about you, Huan, and no mistake.

Frodo: He's grown bigger and filled out since we traveled south, and his coat has grown thicker. *shakes his head* Remarkably so. It's rather uncanny. *tries to hide a shiver at the cold*

Sam: Well, you were so worried about him coming on this trip with his delicate build and the cold, yet he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Frodo: *smiles, cocks on eyebrow at Sam* Sort of reminds me of someone.

Sam: Heh. I think the Elves had a hand in this. Some magic of theirs. You done enough, and they don't want you to have no more losses. *gets up and goes over to put an arm around Frodo*

Frodo: Well, I didn't do it by myself, my dear Sam. Perhaps they ARE looking out for us both on this journey. We'll know for sure if he starts looking like his old self when we return.

Sam: *looks up* Look at those penguins, love! If only my Gaffer could see them! I'd bring one back for him if I thought they could stand a Hobbiton summer.

Frodo: I don't suppose Bywater Pond would suit them very well, it not being terribly salty, I'm afraid. Huan agrees, don't you, my good fellow?

Sam: I see some Big People. I'm gonna go see if they can help us. *gets up and goes over to talk to the Big People*

Sam: Here comes the ship now, Frodo! I sure hope Ms. [info - personal] lbilover's luggage is on it. The sooner we can get it and go home, the better!

Frodo: I couldn't agree with you more, Sam. I bet it is on this ship.

Sam: And I bet she'll be glad to see it and surprised we went and got it for her. These Big Folk will help us carry them.

Frodo: *waves at the Big Folk* Thank you! *smiles at Sam as he walks back* At least next time we read about the theft of the Silmarills, we'll know a little more about what it felt like crossing the Helcaraxe for all those Noldor.

Sam: *shakes off the cold, puts a hand on Huan's head and an arm around Frodo* Aye, that we will, m'dear, that we will.

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