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For lbilover's "Tyger's Return"

This dollpic is inspired by lbilover's fic "Tyger's Return", the delightfully sweet follow-up to her most delectable and funny Jane-Austen-has-a-bit-to-drink-and-writes-hobbit-slash "Golfing Fever," which I hadn't read until lbilover presented TR yesterday. It was also inspired by the fact that I actually had the items of doll clothing, scraps, and materials at hand to torture poor Bingo doll assemble poor Frodo's most dreadful attire, except for substituting striped pantaloons for plaid plus-fours, and a white cravat with a gold and blue brooch for a yellow and blue cravat--hope those changes don't ruin the vision too much. Alas, no green vest for Sam . . . yet. I know TR doesn't specify that Frodo put that outfit back on, but it doesn't explicitly say he didn't . . . :-D

Below is the passage from TR which these pics portray . . .

Frodo moved toward the tee, still fiddling with his grip. “It feels so odd,” he sighed, grimacing and flexing his right hand. “Will you help me figure out the best way to hold the club, Sam?”

Nothing loath, Sam stepped close behind Frodo, and slid his arms around him. “Ah, brings back memories, this does,” he murmured as he placed his hands over Frodo’s on the club.

A smile curved Frodo’s lips. “I admit I might have had an ulterior motive in asking you to help me,” he said, and relaxed against Sam’s sturdy body and lovely hobbit-belly, round once more.

“You had an ulterior motive last time, too,” Sam reminded him.

“That’s true.” He wriggled his behind a little, making Sam gasp, and laughed. “Can you blame me?”

“Frodo Baggins,” Sam scolded, “we’re here to play Golf.”

But they didn’t move for some time . . . .

Click on any pic to bigify.

Tags: b/s, golf, lbilover fic

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